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    Excellent quality will create new heights forever.
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    Changzhou Luyao Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.
    Address:Three Hekou Industrial Zone, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou
    Contacter:Mr Fang
    Zip code:213115
    LuYao - good design, good product

    To provide you with quality solutions.

    • Strictly abide by design specifications
      With the cooperation of local design institutes, the designer has more than 10 years of drying equipment design experience, familiar with the national drying equipment design specifications and requirements, design process strictly implemented, to ensure the design of scientific.
      Designers should combine the actual situation and characteristics of different fields, and tailor design.
    • Professional and technical support
      The company has twenty years of experience in drying industry, and the product has the advantages of high efficiency and high energy efficiency.
      Innovative technology concept, efficient cooperation
    • Modern office environment
      Excellent office environment, high-quality management personnel. Modern production workshop.
      All products have strict inspection departments, strictly check!
    • Perfect after-sale service
      Parts and accessories long-term protection: We guarantee to provide users with at least 10 years of spare parts services, to avoid equipment idle due to the aging of equipment components.
      Equipment upgrade and transformation: We fully take into account the user's production capacity, energy saving and other new needs in the process of enterprise development.
    Experience of application of Lu Yao drying equipment from real cases

    LUYAO Drying  •  Application case

    • Copper sulfate special dryer
      Selection of products:
      Summary:Copper sulfate material description :Copper sulphate is a white or off-white powder. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic and blue. Copper sulfate is an important raw material for preparing other copper-containing compounds. Bordeaux mixture can be mixed with lime milk as a fungicide. At the same time, copper sulphate is also the electrolyte when ele…
    • Cobalt chloride special rotary kiln dryer
      Selection of products:
      Summary:Brief Description of Cobalt Chloride Materials:     Cobalt chloride (hydrated) is a pink to red crystal and the anhydrate is blue. Micro deliquescence, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone and glycerol. For analysis reagents, humidity and moisture indicator, ammonia absorbent.  Cobalt chloride special kiln dryer works:  the wet mate…
    • Calcium bicarbonate special fluid bed dryer
      Selection of products:
      Summary:Summary of calcium bicarbonate materials:   Calcium bicarbonate is an inorganic acid salt. Soluble in water, chemical formula Ca (HCO3) 2, molecular weight 162.06, calcium carbonate dissolved in carbon dioxide solution from calcium bicarbonate. Calcium bicarbonate is only present in solution; evaporation of the calcium bicarbonate solution gives calcium carbonate s…
    • Silver powder special vacuum dryer
      Selection of products:
      Summary:Description of silver powder material:      white shiny face-centered cubic structure of metal, soft, ductile, second only to gold, is a good conductor of heat and electricity; not react with water and oxygen in the atmosphere, met with ozone, hydrogen sulfide And sulfur turns black; inert to most acids, quickly dissolves in dilute nitric acid and hot concentrat…
    Disc drier special for calcium oxalate
    materiel:calcium oxalate
    Selection of products:PLG series disc continuous drier
    Summary:It is a white crystalline powder. Insoluble in water, acetic acid, soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid. Burn Calcium carbonate or calcium oxide. The structure of calcium oxalate is made from calcium salt solution and oxalic acid. Used in ceramics. Glaze, oxalic acid and so on, showing weak acidity. It is a colorless columnar crystal containing two molecules of crystal water, especially plants. Herbaceous plants often have components, mostly in the form of sylvite or calcium salts. Free acid in Begonia and plantain The form exists. Oxalic acid, also known as oxalic acid, is the simplest dicarboxylic acid.
    Focus on Lu Yao's latest developments

    LuYao  •  News Center

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